It’s the Age of Brand Purpose

More than ever brands are committing to a higher purpose and are using their collective voice for good. While talk about purpose may only now be trending, Vox Media has always been dedicated to creating positive change in the world, by activating a more socially conscious community through its groundbreaking explanatory journalism. Now we’re harnessing that audience, the most effective storytelling formats, and new measurement tools to help brands achieve meaningful impact. You know, that whole don’t talk about it, be about it thing.

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Vox readers donated to at least one charity in the past 6 months


Vox readers have participated in community events in the last 6 months


Readers who support brands with clear brand purpose (vs 21% non-readers)


Vox readers have participated in initiatives that seek to change policies (vs 7% non-readers)

“Cause Marketing” is now, simply, marketing.

Real world impact is the only true measure of a brand’s intelligence (or, as we call it, IQ: Impact Quotient). CSR is no longer a column in your org chart, or a line in your marketing budget. Today, a brand’s value is measured in how it shows up in the world honestly, transparently, and impactfully.

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The funnel is now 2D

We can no longer only look at how the deeds of brands affect favorability. We must look at a second dimension that measures how their deeds affect audiences’ adoption of the causes or initiatives.

Insights that drive impact

The tools and tactics we use to measure the impact of our programs.

What it is

  • A live 1P Panel
  • Custom surveys
  • Engagement with the content
  • Post-exposure interaction
Hand with painted finger nail pointing to the letters IQ

What it measures

  • Custom IQ brand sentiment and cause adoption survey
  • On-platform audience experience analysis
  • “Engagement to action” effectiveness measurement
  • Messaging and content testing through IQ panel of “activists”

How we do it

We design IQ campaigns to drive outcomes across the entire measurement framework. We do so by engaging the head (cause/brand understanding), the heart (emotional connection to the cause/brand), and the hands (providing tools that make it easy to participate).

Engage the head

72% of people that viewed a Branded Explainer say they better comprehend the issue.

Engage the heart

Brand perception improved 11% for those who viewed a Branded Explainer.

Engage the hands

Our proprietary Ad Units perform 12X over industry standard - driving unmatched actions from our audience.

Our Work


Working with us

Vox Creative is a team of Strategists, Creatives, Producers, Journalists and makers of all kinds who make work for brands who are putting in the work, powered by the insatiable drive to help brands facilitate change and enable people to take actions that have real world impact.

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